The immersion day is a fantastic and original proposal.  Its purpose is to offer fourth graders a meaningful experience of sharing and talking to classmates in English. They spend a day on a beautiful and comfortable farm, where the fresh air and peacefulness fill the place.  They participate in many different and fun activities that are related to the use of English as a foreign language.  These activities are carried out according to the students´ ages, grade level, and abilities.

This fieldtrip is very important particularly in fourth grade because it allows the students to fully develop their communicative and critical-thinking skills. It exposes them to situations through which they can use the foreign language meaningfully. That is to say, they use words and expressions they have learned at school.

After spending the day on the farm fourth graders understand that English is as useful as their native language and that it can serve several purposes, not only inside the immersion program but also in their everyday lives.


Written by:

Diana Velásquez Suárez

Andrea Díaz Alzate

IJR English teachers

Practicing English and having fun in the immersion day
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